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FRIA TYGLAR* – FREE REINS in english – is a group of quilters who are all members of Lapphexorna and Rikstäcket. As the name implies it is a question of free spirits, to think and act outside of the box, to break free from tradition and thoughts of “how it should be”. Together we encourage each other to use alternative working methods where everything is permitted and laughter isn’t far away.

The group consist of Anita Fors, Ingrid Petrini, Ragnvi Ratia, Britt Stigebrandt, Patricia van Walree Visser and Gunnel Wright.

* In Swedish Fria tyglar is a play on words with tyglar = reins and tyg = fabric



3 responses

11 09 2012
visklek / whisper game « taktil textil

[…] evening I met with my friends in the quilt group Fria tyglar (Free reins) for an inspiring evening. We showed our summer challenge for each other, which I soon […]

6 12 2012
visklek # 1 / whisper game « taktil textil

[…] before about the textile version of the whisper game I have been playing with my small quilt group Fria tyglar (Free reins). Now here is my first contribution, or the first whisper game we played. I was second […]

29 01 2013
embryo « taktil textil

[…] each other to make small thematic quilts (30 x 30 cm • 12 x 12 inch) in my small quilt group Fria tyglar (Free reins). We have two months to finish each challenge. Then we meet to show and tell. […]


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