a different round robin

Fem annorlunda stafetter. Foto: Anita Fors

All round robins can be seen one by one further down on this page.

A Round Robin Quilt is a sort of relay-quilt, sewn by several people. Usually it starts with the making of one patchwork block each, which will form the center of the quilt, and then all the participants sends this block to the next person to add an edging. Then once again everyone sends the quilt further and the next person adds another edge around. Finally, the quilt comes back to the person who made the first block in the middle. It is her quilt and she must finish the job. Sometimes there are rules about how big it should be, what the different edges shall contain such as applications, or round shapes. Sometimes, a fabric follow through the entire quilt.

A few years ago I read about a series of Round Robin quilts that were sewn from the outside and enter  in a Dutch quilting magazine. The quilts consisted of six parts, each part was not a full edge, but only part of it. I thought that sounded exciting, so I asked four patchwork friends if they wanted to join me in this project.

Below you can see the drawing that I copied from the newspaper. There appears to be six parts in the finished quilt, which measures 72 x 72 cm. The maker of part 1 also makes the center piece when the quilt has come back in pieces. It was a bit tricky, because it is not so easy to sew a quilt from the outside and in. Some parts could not be sewn together when you leave the work to the next person on the list, but I tacked them together so that the parts would be placed in the right place.

We who participated are named Ingrid Petrini, Ragnvi Ratia, Gunnel Wright, Anita Fors and
I, Patricia van Walree Visser. The quilts were sent around in that order. For example, I sewed the first piece of my blanket, which then went on to Ingrid. Ingrid’s quilt went first to Ragnvi, and so on.

Apart from that we would stick to the predetermined measurement and classification, we had no rules. We just saw the quilts we were working on. It was so exciting every time that we got the next quilt to sew on. We took it easy and work took almost two years from start to finish.

If I remember correctly, we began sometime after the summer of 2003. First handover to the next person on the list was at least around the first Sunday in Advent that year because I remember we drank mulled wine.

When it was time to get back our own quilts back, we wondered for a while if we could show them for each other until the center piece was finished too. But we just had to se them straigth ahead, so we looked at all the quilts. Before that we had promised each other not to come up with proposals for what would fit in the middle of someone else’s blanket. It was really exciting to see everyone’s quilts. So much work everyone had done on her part, so much imagination and often very well thought out!

When everyone had made the center block and was ready with the whole top we met again at my place. It was served mulled wine again, therefore it is so easy to remember how much time had passed since the first replacement. That night we gathered the thoughts we had written when we started on our quilts and when we got the various contributions we would sew on.

In recent months we have devoted ourselves to the completion of our quilts, each one individually. We’ve finished sewing the quilt that we had started with and to which we had to sew the block in the middle. Some of us have been supplemented by one more edge around the quilt, others have not done that, that is why the quilts don’t have the same measures anymore.

Everyone has quilted their own quilt, either by hand or machine.

Patricia van Walree Visser


— under each quilt follows the notes made during the work —

These Round Robin Quilts has been exhibited at the City Museum of Gothenburg.
A report on them has also been published in the norwegian quilt magazine Quiltemagasinet.


Sytt av Patricia van Walree Visser. Foto: Anita Fors

Patricia's Round Robin.

Patricia van Walree Visser

I was . . .

. . .



Starten sydd av Ingrid Petrini. Foto: Anita Fors

Ingrid's Round Robin.

Ingrid Petrini – The way of the wave

I searched . . . .

. . . .



Starten sydd av Ragnvi Ratia. Foto: Anita Fors

Ragnvi's Round Robin.

Ragnvi Ratia

I had . . .

. . . .



Starten sydd av Gunnel Wright. Foto: Anita Fors

Gunnel's Round Robin.

Gunnel Wright

I have been . . .

. . .



Starten sydd av Anita Fors. Foto: Anita Fors

Anita's Round Robin.

Anita Fors – My inner fire

My starting point . . .

. . .



All photos in this page: Anita Fors


(Due to lack of time we have used http://translate.google.se
for the translation and just corrected the worst parts.)



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