houses of Copenhagen

Köpenhamnshus i verkliga livet...
A Copenhagen house in real life …
... och i vår tolkning.
… and in our textile interpretation.


Fria tyglar / Free reins not onle meet to sew together, we socialize in other ways as well. We include tours and trips amongst other things. In April 2008 almost al of us went by train to Copenhagen, Denmark. Already on the train, we had great fun with your own packed food and drink, and of course a little needlework.

In Copenhagen, we walked a lot and we took photos on a lot of houses and other things interesting. We passed a large building painted in pastel colors. It turned out to be a cinema palace and we were immediately eager to do something in fabric of these colours and shapes. All of us took pictures of the house and later on we concluded that those who wished, each could sew a part of the house.

We decided on a few rules, such as the height of the work and how many centimeters of the image that would be the street, base and roof, and that each house would end with the white part of the house’s facade on the left side. The houses can be hung next to each other without sewing the parts together. It is possible to vary the look by moving around the houses and everyone has her own house to take home.

Below you can see all the houses in the slightly larger format – and the very bottom of the page you will find a photo for a larger portion of the house. Our photos have been the basis for our work. As in reality the width of our houseparts varies.


Köpenhamnshus – Britt Stigebrandt.

House of Copenhagen, 24 x 46 cm– Britt Stigebrandt.

Köpenhamnshus – Patricia van Walree Visser

House of Copenhagen, 27 x 46 cm – Patricia van Walree Visser.

Köpenhamnshus – Ingrid Petrini.

House of Copenhagen, 29 x 46 cm – Ingrid Petrini.

Köpenhamnshus – Gunnel Wright.

House of Copenhagen, 22 x 47 cm – Gunnel Wright.

Köpenhamnshus – Anita Fors.

House of Copenhagen, 26 x 47 cm – Anita Fors.

Bilden är tagen från "baksidan" av bioplatset i centrala Köpenhamn. Den här sidan av huset ligger vid Hammerichsgade.
The picture is taken from the ”back” of the cinema palace in central Copenhagen. This side of the house is located at Hammerich Gade.

(Due to lack of time we have used
for the translation and just corrected the worst parts.)



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