whisper game # 1

A couple of years ago we read in a quilt magazine about a quilt group that came up with a textile challenge of their own. Briefly it’s like the game of whisper. One person starts by making a quilt and passing it on to the next person without showing it to anyone else or discussing it with the first recipient. They use that first quilt as inspiration to make their own quilt. Once done they return the first quilt to its maker and pass only their own quilt to the next person. We all thought it sounded hilarious and made a quick start. Two quilts were started at the same time, but it took quite a while for us to finish these two rounds of the game.

Whisper game quilt # 1 was started by Gunnel. At the end of this page you can see the picture that inspired her. This whisper game was played in the following order: Gunnel,Anita, Britt, Patricia and Ingrid.


Detalj ur Visklek 1 • Gunnel Wright - # 1

Detail from whisper game  1 • Gunnel Wright – # 1

Visklek 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Gunnel Wright - # 1

Whisper game 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Gunnel Wright – # 1

GUNNEL: When I was looking for inspiration to start this whisper game I soon thought of the pictures I have taken of shop windows displaying ties. Often the ties are arranged in a colourful way, sometimes together with shirts. The window I liked best was the one in The Hague in Holland where there were shirts and ties on display in light blue and orange inhonour of the queen’s birthday. I love striped fabrics and shirting and here I have used some of these fabrics from my stash.


Detalj ur Visklek 1 • Anita Fors - # 2

Detail from whisper game 1 • Anita Fors – # 2

Visklek 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Anita Fors - # 2

Whisper game 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Anita Fors – # 2

ANITA: When I unpacked Gunnels quilt I felt I recognized ashop window that we both had photographed. This is easy, was my first thought, but then I got stuck just because I recognized the picture so well. It was already finished, a fixed picture. In the end I concentrated on  displaying and sales. Now it became easier. I thought of an old-fashioned haberdashery with buttons, safety-pins and other practical items sorted in small wooden partitioned drawers. I filled the drawer with small items from my collection. This work was totally difficult. I am just satisfied that I got round to finishing this quilt.


Detalj ur Visklek 1 • Britt Stigebrandt - # 3

Detail from whisper game 1 • Britt Stigebrandt – # 3

Visklek 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Britt Stigebrandt - # 3

Whisper game 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Britt Stigebrandt – # 3

BRITT: From Anita I received a quilt with brown fabrics. On this quilt she had sewn items which made me think of fastening, and that is what inspired me. I started by appliquéing an anchor on a blue background. At a restaurant near to where I live, there is always a piece of string smelling of tar around the napkin, which I usually take with me. I madedifferent knots in these pieces of string and fastened them around the anchor. I hope the tar-smell will stay a while.


Detalj ur Visklek 1 • Patricia Visser - # 4

Detail from whisper game 1 • Patricia Visser – # 4

Visklek 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Patricia Visser - # 4

Whisper game 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Patricia Visser – # 4

PATRICIA: I received Britt’s quilt with a large anchor in the middle and concluded that the theme was sea and boats. The first thoughts that came into my head were coastline, mooring of a boat, landing on a beach. I chose this last idea and took my bicycle and cycled along the coast to get inspiration. I found it difficult to make an abstract quilt with this theme so I ended up making a landscape. I found the result a bit boring and added the blue and white striped fabric which made me think of a French fisherman’s jersey. My landscape is of course a part of the Swedish west coast, but I liked to mislead the next one to continue with this whisper-game.


Detalj ur Visklek 1 • Ingrid Petrini - # 5

Detail from whisper game 1 • Ingrid Petrini – # 5

Visklek 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Ingrid Petrini - # 5

Whisper game 1 • 30 x 30 cm • Ingrid Petrini – # 5

INGRID: I received a landscape with a boat lying on a beach. Shades of beige and a blue sea.  Much too pictorial for me at that moment. I needed to think more abstractly to get me going. I concentrated on the colours and looked at the shapes. So my quilt became abstract and I enjoyed adding a bit of gold.

Bilden som var utgångspunkten för vår första visklek.

This photo was the starting point for our first round of whisper game.



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