whisper game # 2

Whisper game quilt # 2 was started by Britt. At the bottom of this page you can see a photo which inspired her. This whisper game was played in the following order: Britt, Gunnel, Ingrid, Anita and Patricia.


Detalj ur visklek 2 • Britt Stigebrandt # 1

Detail, Whisper game 2 • Britt Stigebrandt # 1

Visklek 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Britt Stigebrandt – # 1

Whisper game 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Britt Stigebrandt – # 1

BRITT: I was looking through some magazines and saw a picture of an old notice-board which I was drawn to. While I was sewing I wondered why I had chosen this motif. I realized that every day when I have cycled down to our local supermarket where I live, I have a look at the notice-board. After I had made my quilt I took a photo of our local notice-board and this is the picture you see at the bottom of this page as we are not allowed to publish the original picture which I found in the magazine.


Detalj ur visklek 2 • Gunnel Wright # 2

Detail, Whisper game 2 • Gunnel Wright # 2

Visklek 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Gunnel Wright – # 2

Whisper game 2 • 30 x 37 cm • Gunnel Wright – # 2

GUNNEL: When I got Britt’s quilt I needed quite some time to think it over. I could see it was suppose to be an object of some kind, but I could not make out what. I thought of fabrics and clothes which flutter in the wind. Maybe I could make clothes drying on a washing-line hung between two houses? But in the end I could not manage to realize this idea. After giving it even more thought I still couldn’t figure out what the quilt was meant to show. In the end I decided to give up on that line of thought and just let myself be inspired by the colours and the fabrics. The result is a square in the middle with three fabrics in shades from dark to light on which “flowers” float. The flowers are made with jo-jo-makers in different sizes. The fabric surrounding the middle square is from an old apron which I bought at a flea-market and which I found matched the other fabrics. When I was well on my way into this quilt I completely forgot we had decided on a specific size, 30×30 cm. So this quilt became larger, a size I found suitable for this quilt.


Detalj ur visklek 2 • Ingrid Petrini # 3

Detail, Whisper game 2 • Ingrid Petrini # 3

Visklek 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Ingrid Petrini – # 3

Whisper game 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Ingrid Petrini – # 3

INGRID: I received a lovely small quilt from Gunnel and that blocked my brain. I found it difficult to get going as this quilt was so finished in a way. I tried to concentrate on the colours and shapes, just as I did with our whisper-game #1. Circles in light toasted shades. I spend a lot of time at the sewing-machine and I’m not sure if I got it right. No, I’m not particularly pleased with the result.
(As Gunnel’s quilt wasn’t the right size, 30 x 30 cm, Ingrid’s quilt wasn’t right either. But she cut her quilt down to the correct size afterwards, but only after Anita had seen the whole quilt, as you will see in Anita’s story below.)


Detalj ur visklek 2 • Anita Fors # 4

Detail, Whisper game 2 • Anita Fors # 4

Visklek 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Anita Fors – # 4

Whisper game 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Anita Fors – # 4

ANITA: When I unpacked Ingrid’s quilt I felt despair…. I couldn’t even see what was top or bottom. Oh dear! This was going to be difficult. The quilt wasn’t even the correct size! We had decided on 30 x 30 cm – but this quilt was rectangular. I decided to pin the quilt to the back of one of my arm-chairs so that I would constantly have it in my eyesight. After looking at it for some days I had an idea. To explain this you need to see Ingrid’s quilt the way it looked when I received it, not the way it is now after she cut it down to size. You can find the photo of Ingrid’s original quilt right at the bottom of this page. I focused on two things. Dots and the trashy thread layer on the quilt. When I started the work it went very smoothly. I worked with thread ends I had saved in a glass jar and water-soluble stabilizer. I started by making a machine-sewn grid with silver thread on a square cut from an old pair of black jeans. I then drew circles on the soluble stabilizer and made balls of thread snippets which I sewed onto the background with free-motion quilting, after which I dissolved the stabilizer in water. I added more free-motion quilting along the outer edges in order to have the same close quilting on the whole quilt. I enjoyed the result. All of it is recycled; an old pair of jeans for the background and all those loose threads.


Detalj ur visklek 2 • Patricia Visser # 5

Detail, Whisper game 2 • Patricia Visser # 5

Visklek 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Patricia Visser – # 5

Whisper game 2 • 30 x 30 cm • Patricia Visser – # 5

PATRICIA: Seeing Anita’s quilt and knowing that this whisper-game was started by Britt, I was convinced that Britt’s inspiration came from balls of wool. I could see this in Anita’s quilt, but on the other hand, Anita’s balls were so glimmering and that made me think of soap-bubbles. So that is what I made!


The original photo that Britt saw in a magazine wasn’t free to use. But this is the local notice-board where Britt lives.

Anslagstavlan på Marstrand.

Notice-board in Koön/Marstrand.


Ingrid Petrini

Ingrid Petrini



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